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Further International Film Awards…

“Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness“ continues to meet with great approval around the globe! Best International Feature Film in New Mexico/USA, Best Actor and Best Costumes at West Europe International Film Festival Brussels…

The Austrian cultural attachés Wilhelm Pfeistlinger (Brussels), Marina Chrystoph (Paris), Maestro Ottfried Fischer, Hermann and Enzo Weiskopf, Gwen Mc Guirk, Kirsten Ossoinig at the Film Festival in Brussels

Congratulations to Lucas Zolgar for his interpretation of priest Otto Neururer and to Gwen Mc Guirk for the fabulous costumes and to the whole film team for the award Best International Feature Film….

Lucas Zolgar, Gwen Mc Guirk, Hermann Weiskopf
Director Hermann Weiskopf with the award for Best International Feature Film in New Mexico
Film Award for the Best International Feature Film
Film Awards Best Actor and Best Costume

Unforgettable and deeply heart touching… the meeting with Our Holiness Pope Francis!


….also the preview of our movie “Otto Neuruer – Hope through Darkness” in the Filmoteca Vaticana in the Vatican! As well as the wonderful reception at our Austrian Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Franziska Honsowitz-Friessnigg.

The film crew and numerous guests of honor around our Maestro Ottfried Fischer in the
Filmoteca Vaticana
President of the State Tyrol Parliament Sonja Ledl-Rossmann (left), Ambassador to the Holy See Dr. Franziska Honsowitz-Friessnigg with Ottfried Fischer, Hermann Weiskopf and Dr. Peter Mair

“Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness” wins the Jury Award and Audience Award for the best feature film at Vero Beach – Florida, Best Costume Design in Valencia and…

Lucas Zolgar (plays Otto Neururer), Ottfried Fischer (co-producer and plays Fr. Anton), Jasmin Mairhofer (plays juvenile delinquent Sofia), Hermann Weiskopf (director) are happy about the various awards achieved for “Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness”
Jury Award Ceremony for the best narrative feature film in Vero Beach – Florida
Jury und Audience Award Winner Hermann Weiskopf with Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival Director Jerusha Stewart in Florida
Award Winner for Best Costume Design Gwen McGurik (right) with director Hermann Weiskopf and costume design assistant Eileen Hill at South Europe International Film Festival in Valencia-Spain

… and more nominations and screenings at various international film festivals like: West Europe International Film Festival in Brussels, Portoviejo Film Festival in Equador, Over the Rhine International Film Festival in Cincinnati/Ohio, International Film Festival Innsbruck, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival in Iowa…

Life is Beautiful…

working together on these amazing new feature film projects:

The Sisters – the true stroy of Nun Angela!
Carl Lampert – the last prayer!
Death March – the last fight for survival!
10 Hours Water!

Inspired, brilliant and profound – Ottfried Fischer in “Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness”

Ottfried Fischer starring as priest Anton

A big thank you to the entire film crew for having worked tirelessly to create this incredible movie, about the challenging and inspiring life of Otto Neururer. Priest Neururer fought against National Socialism in the name of his faith. For hope and for the equality of all human beings… The 89-minute movie is finally ready! Soon to be seen at international film festivals, in cinemas and on TV…

Numerous Nominations for “3 Days in Rome” at International Film Festivals

for Best Short Documentary, Best Directing in a Short Documentary and Best Editing in a Short Documentary

From the Film Festival of Cannes, American Documentary Film Festival, River Film Festival in Italy and Goa Short Film Festival to Southhampton Inernational Film Festival…the true tale of the incredible love between Erika and Emil Shomrony, who survived the Holocaust and World War II, knows no bounds!


“Shattered Night/Zersplitterte Nacht” – Tyrolean Commemorative Culture on a European Level!

For the 79th time we commemorate the horrors of the November Pogroms of 1938! In “Zersplitterte Nacht – Shattered Night” contemporary witnesses, those who remember to this day, tell their stories of that fateful era of inexpressibly atrocious and murderous times. As the AVG Filmteam we can only bow to them and express our deepest thanks also to our sponsors: Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels, Austrian National Bank Brussels, Tyrol – Sout Tyrol – Trentino Euroregion and the Province of Tyrol! Because they are the ones that make it possible to reach European scales in Brussels with our touching and didactically valuable work. Heartfelt gratitude also goes to Richard and Andrew Benson from London, the grandchildren of Ing. Richard Berger who was murdered in the Pogromnacht of Innsbruck in 1938. They as well as many honored guests have joined us in Brussels. We also thank all the cinemagoers and everyone who is interested in our work.