Further International Film Awards…

“Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness“ continues to meet with great approval around the globe! Best International Feature Film in New Mexico/USA, Best Actor and Best Costumes at West Europe International Film Festival Brussels…

The Austrian cultural attachés Wilhelm Pfeistlinger (Brussels), Marina Chrystoph (Paris), Maestro Ottfried Fischer, Hermann and Enzo Weiskopf, Gwen Mc Guirk, Kirsten Ossoinig at the Film Festival in Brussels

Congratulations to Lucas Zolgar for his interpretation of priest Otto Neururer and to Gwen Mc Guirk for the fabulous costumes and to the whole film team for the award Best International Feature Film….

Lucas Zolgar, Gwen Mc Guirk, Hermann Weiskopf
Director Hermann Weiskopf with the award for Best International Feature Film in New Mexico www.borderscene.org
Film Award for the Best International Feature Film
Film Awards Best Actor and Best Costume